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DefTech International is a software development company that has been in business long enough to witness the infancy of several of its target business domains. Complemented by our ability to offer premium-quality software development benefits due to our strong familiarity with, our expertise and technical capabilities constitute a service offering that can, in many instances, be referred to as unique.

DefTech International offers a line of superior proprietary products for Military and Defence. These products have, for a long time, been used by companies over the world

AI - meaningful enhancement of your company

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Blockchain - endless opportunities for transformation

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Cyber Security - strengthening your digital business

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Robust solution for compressing images, real-time video streams, voice and stored video recordings saving up to 80% of internet costs for stream transfer, and keeping data secure with AES encryption.

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A fully digitized touchless visitor management system securing Business Centers and managed business facilities that allows avoiding registration at the reception but gives control of guests permissions.

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Contactless AI-powered system to measure human heart rate variability, and reveal internal human states (like stress level) using computer vision technologies. The superior human heart rate variability (HRV) robust detection solution for remote on-line and off-line applications.

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The Top-notch VoIP/RoIP Internal/External Communication System (ICS) for Military

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2102, Level P1, Al LuLu Tower B,

Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi

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